RGM srl was founded in 2009 with the aim of advising the Italian companies that want to export to specific geographic areas such as Africa, Middle East, Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

Members of RGM have matured decades of experience in the area of  commercial vehicles and special equipments, working for industry leaders and in close contact with the foreign market:
- 3 years of presence as residents in Egypt and in the Gulf countries;
- 2 years of presence as residents in Morocco;
- 3 years in Africa and the Middle East;
- 3 years in the countries of the Mediterranean basin;
- 4 years in the countries of Central Europe.

RGM is active on the following fronts:
- export of spare parts for trucks;
- exports of used vehicles and machinery;
- representation of brands CO.ME.T. and B.O.B..

RGM is the ideal partner for companies seeking to strengthen their size by developing a commercial presence in developing countries.


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