Over 60 years of experience in precision mechanic manufacturing.

Fast Verdini retains a reputation for high quality and reliability of its products.

Our plus are: experience, very wide range of products and quality.

All own production is MADE IN ITALY.

Technical assistance and spare parts are always available.

At the end of 2007 > 200.000 machines had been sold around the world.               

We specialize in three areas of construction:
- Concrete finishing
- Compaction
- Floor cutting

Our products are:
- Power trowels
- Power screeds
- Power vibrators
- Floor cutters
- Hydraulic Breakers
- Bench Saws
- Core drills
- Wall saws
- Plate compactors
- Rammers
- Rollers

We also produce: Portable crush mills, Minitransporters and Minidumpers.fast_3

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